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Beauty Leaf Supports Village & Family Incomes

Posted by Daniel Shafer on

Here at Beauty Leaf we feel so lucky, to share with you the finest natural goods we have found, from the beautiful islands of Fiji, Samoa, and Tahiti in the South Pacific.   

Your purchase of fair trade, handmade, Samoan Elei Clothing, Fijian Handwoven Women’s Purses, and Tahitian Genuine Black Pearl jewelry directly supports our charitable work on sustainable agricultural development, energy security, and skills training for isolated communities in need of economic development in the South Pacific.  100% of your purchase price for Beauty Leaf products goes to support native people in the South Pacific, who deserve a break and who we have come to love. 

Handmade purses are crafted by a native women’s group in Fiji who won a national prize for artistry and preserving traditional knowledge.  Each purse takes two full days of work.   Weaver women are paid full-price, family wage.  These are unique, offered exclusively by Beauty Leaf.  You will never see another woman carrying the same style of finely handcrafted purses, made entirely from natural materials.

Tahitian Black Freshwater Pearls are beautiful in how the deep nacre picks up the colors of natural sunlight.  You can see natural variations of blue, green, and gold, all reflected these in these gorgeous, genuine, natural, black and silver freshwater pearls.  Our commitment to fair trade extends to you.  Genuine black pearl jewelry at these reasonable prices can only be found at

Elei is the unique art style of Samoa, instantly recognizable as both primitive and modern.  Samoan Elei fabrics from Beauty Leaf are hand printed, just as has been done for thousands of years.  Elei makes a statement, a little rough, with strong patterns and colors, always referring to nature and traditional culture.   

100% of margin above our cost goes to support the mission of non-profit Nikua Training Center, for the provision of free equipment and training on production of value-added agricultural products and renewable energy in the South Pacific.  Working together with Nikua, the people in beautiful yet isolated communities will have affordable food, reliable energy at lower prices, and skilled jobs.  Please check on our progress at